Sell Your Car Hassle Free For Cash

If you're contemplating selling your car, most people head right for the local newspapers classified ad section. The fancy ads where you can show a picture of your car seem to work the best bet. Even with a picture and a good detailed description of the car, there will always be that one question you didn't cover that will generate a dozen of phone calls. Even if you spell out everything you can possibly think of down to the mileage on the tires or the offset color of the interior trim, you still won't have given enough information to satisfy everyone. These little details alone can keep your phone ringing for days.

Once you get past the questions you might get a serious inquiry or two. Then there's showing the car, and don't think people are going to want to see the car when it's convenient for you. After all, you're the guy wanting to sell the car, so you're expected to show it morning, noon or night! There's also the haggling over the price and even if you state a firm price, some people feel obligated to make a lower offer.

If you do find a willing buyer, then the old stall about having the mechanic, wife, brother or neighbor who needs to see the car first to counsel the buyer. Then there's getting the cash or cashiers check out of the buyer which could add a few more days to the transaction. Many sellers give up or drop the price to get the entire ordeal over with. This type of sale could take days, weeks or months. Is it really worth it?

The folks at Cash for Cars in Seattle have bought cars from consumers in the Seatown for years. Their reputation will immediately take away any anxiety you feel about selling your car this way.

They come to your home or office and look over your vehicle, making you an offer on the spot. There's no obligation to accept their offer but if you do, the tow truck will be there before you're done counting your cash.

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